ICONO Digital Worlds From Álvaro López

Mundos Digitales ICONO is the universe of characters, brands, products and services that merge into an editorial amalgam with themes of fashion, fashion, dance and culture that are displayed on a digital platform that potentializes #PortafoliosICONO a powerful mechanism of #PosicionamientoWEB. Álvaro López, your server, has designed and perfected this advertising commercial project ten years later

By: Alvaro López Digital Worlds ICONO.- The sun of this digital system comes to be the client, the subscriber to our products and services, each planet is a blog and each blog reveals a series of satellites that make up small digital regions by which we travel through the internet search engines. On planet earth we have built our #CentroDigitaldeConvenciones and it is there where our Internet users converge to visit as exhibitors or interested in attending our Digital Pavilions.

The Connectivity mechanisms have been strengthened thanks to the #Gadgets of last generation and our #PantallasDigitales are products of thematic #Hashtags that immediately concentrate all the editorial routines that we dedicate ourselves to over time. The project is consolidated and we are now slowly opening our Digital Commercial Embassies, which are remote link platforms that serve as information and sales links for our business model. It’s#CoversDigitales and #PortadasICONO that format our corporate identity, just like any other media corporation in #ICONO, we develop a media digest in favor of our subscribers …

The migration of paper to the web …
The evolution of the deployment to COVER

The dawn of our project has its genesis in the publishing industry of the press, there with the participation of the technology of the late twentieth century, telephony and radio are components that will give us elements to merge to create a prototype that will be linked to the first versions of the informative websites of the time.

The editorial model will be basic to understand that the focus that must be addressed is that of the reader, the audience, their experiences. To operate reports of society for society is the initial object of the platform, for it will be for five years evolving a marketing profile to empower customers and friends. The success is achieved by editing the first fifty editions between the 2008 and 2012 periods. A national impact will be achieved by editing projects of 120,000 copies with scope in 25 Mexican entities simultaneously.

The costs of paper and printing added to the costs of distribution will be key to boost our digital content platform. The digital part will be key from 2013 to 2016 to have a fully mature product to enter the market. From 2016 to 2018 #EDICIONESICONO will be transformed into ICONO Digital Worlds, with the construction of the #CentroDigitaldeConvenciones that is the axis of our platform, and that through our own AIBBUS Digital #PortafoliosICONO is the main element of empowerment of all types of brands and products, as well as characters within the immense seas of the web. Telling the story over and over again is part of this exercise of pride.

Welcome to http://HerramientasDigitalesICONO.WordPress.com/


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